Thursday, December 2, 2010

My college animation demo reel

havent updated in a while, our movie 'Rio' will be wrapping up very soon for the animation dept- so thats my excuse for the lack of posts :). i hadnt looked at my reel for a while, so it was interesting to revisit it with fresh eyes and see what decisions i made back then. anyway ive decided to share it with you guys! enjoy :)


Chris Palmer said...

Great stuff! Thanks for posting it up.

Andrew Ross said...

Damn! Awesome stuff Joe!

Benoit Therriault said...

Great animation for a college reel! Thanks for posting! I like the beats you did on your animation of Linguini Drinking wine while working!

Gotta ask.Did you modeled and rigged all the other character while at school to?(obvioulsy not the pixar ones)

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

chris, andrew thanks!

beniot> sorry for getting back to you so late but those characters are all the same rig. at college we were able to manipulate the faces of the head to sculpt new designs rather easily. so it appears i have many characters rigged but they are all the same. hope that answers your question. the rigs name is called norman.

Benoit Therriault said...

Thanks! I've seen the rig before, but I didn't know about these features. Mostly because I've only used Softimage so far :l
Anyway... I was so and still am impress by your kick-ass student reel that I felt like asking;)

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