Monday, April 4, 2011

my cubicle

my desktop. always have a bottle of water, my yoga mat and some paper to draw on.

some books that keep me inspired. 3 trees make a forest, round robin, daniela strijleva's collected sketches, monsters inc art book, moonshine, peck and paw, venice chronicles, etc

behind me i have some print outs and photocopies of artwork for my inspiration wall. some nico marlet stuff from how to train your dragon, pete sohns and tom gately art from nemo and toy story 3, dice color keys from toy story 3, some background paintings from studio ghibli, minkyu's water nymphs.

heres chris sasaki's painting from 'art blocks for ghana' auction that i won! it came in the mail and is hanging proudly in my cube. totally stoked that i won it :D


Nate Villanueva said...

what an inspiring space! love the tom gately sketches.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Peter Sohn FTW

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

yeah the tom gately and pete sohn drawings are the shizzles!

KATia Grifols said...


Lovely space for being inspired!!! And veru organized!! :)

I just found your blog!! It's cool work on it!!! :)


Desiree said...

pretty swanky cubicle! :)

Benoit Therriault said...

Congrats on the art block.It's an amazing win! It was one of my favorite. My girlfriend was biding on another great one and lost at the very last second. To this day she still hold a grudge against ebay :)

It looks great on picture!