Monday, March 4, 2013

My Imaginary Friend

 I did these pieces for for an upcoming show and book project for 826LA (non profit organization). The project was started to help fund tutoring for kids to help them write. The show will be in LA in April. A book with all the stories compiled together will be published alongside with the show. Some artists involved are:
Robert Kondo
Joe Pitt
Shiyoon Kim
Patrick Osborne
Daniel Arriaga
  Matt Nolte
Bruce Smith
  Chris Sasaki
  Pam Tu
Lissa Treiman
Bobby Pontillas
  Cory Loftis
Scott Watanabe
Carrie Liao
Josie Trinidad
Jeff Turley
Everett Downing
Tony Akins
Nicholas Orsi
  John Kahrs
Willie Real
Katia Grifols



Hannah Tuohy said...

These are so amazing! Your color choices are exquisite!

Joey said...

Looks like a really fun project, Joe! I agree that the color choices are really great!

Carrie Liao said...

these are all so great! You're coming out for the show, right? :)

Joseph Mingoo Lee said...

thanks hannah, joey

carrie > thanks, i dont think i am :(

Nicholas Hong said...

incredibly great style! love color Joseph!

Rony HOTIN said...

Hi Joseph!

Thanks a lot for your kind feedbacks on my short. I'm very happy you liked it. You can be proud of what you did for this really nice project. It's very beautiful, like the style and colors ;) Good job!

Mayumi Elisa said...

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